Real Estate Websites with IDX

Real Estate Websites and Real Estate Mobile Responsive Design

IDX and WordPress Real Estate Websites WordPress with full IDX integration and auto-posting to Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn is what you need as a Real Estate Agent to get found, get noticed and get business. IDX has been advancing with new powerful tools to help you give potential buyers exactly what they need, while giving you index able content. We integrate customized WordPress with IDX to give you our PowerSite – one of the most complete WordPress/IDX packages available. Critical to your real estate success is making sure your site is compatible on all devices. Our Mobile Responsive design with IDX is your key to reaching buyers and sellers on all devices.

WordPress and IDX can help you get ranked in Google

Our techniques have been proven on real estate websites across the country. We have been designing our WordPress Real Estate Websites and getting agents and brokers top rankings for years and continue to be a leader in Customized WordPress Real Estate websites. This is your business and we take it very serious.wordpress and IDX solutions, wordpress consulting and design

Get your real estate website to top positions in the search engines and get found by buyers and sellers.

Real Estate is Your Business… Giving You a Complete On-Line Real Estate Solution Including Advanced IDX, Effective SEO, Lead Gathering and Management Is Ours…

    • Host it with us, or all files are placed on your host!
    • Customization – Customized with your name, logo, area quick search, SEO Quick Links (20 to start), Custom Slide Shows, etc.
    • Advanced IDX Broker Integration – Integrated right into the website. Fully indexable by Google and other search engines.No Frames.
    • Advanced Search Facilities – Including custom searches, Map Searches, Saved Searches, SEO Link Searches, and more
    • Complete Lead Gathering and Management –Buyer registration, save properties, email alert registration, newsletter sign up and a lead management dashboard to help you list and sell more property.
    • NEW iphone Application – Free and included with your “Power Site”.
    • Social Media Marketing – A monthly newsletter keeping you up-to-date on social marketing, ideas, organic search and more.
    • Powerful Publishing Platform – Built on a customized WordPress theme, optimized for SEO, giving you a complete CMS allowing you to blog, post news if you so desire.

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Mobile IDX For Real Estate

Mobile Web is Hot! And agents and brokers need a branded “MOBILE RESPONSIVE WEBSITE”  to engage their potential clients on the go. Mobile has many benefits over  desktop such as the ability to instantly “CALL” to make contact with the agent. Using Auto-Detect, we are able to detect which device the user is using and automatically redirect them to your mobile version. NO DOWN LOADS NECESSARY!

mobile phone devices

With our PowerSite Mobile you don’t have to worry about downloading an App that only works on target devices. Our Mobile  IDX is universal and works on any mobile phone.  It does not matter which device, as long as it has a browser –  iPhone, Android,, Google Phone, Windows Phone, iPad, Galaxy Tab, Xoom, etc.

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Managed Real Estate Website

It’s easy to figure out what you want your real estate website to accomplish:

More Leads from more online resources
Better SEO with Targeted Landing Pages
The Best in Search Tools
Social Media Tied-In
Etc., Etc, Etc.

The reason most real estate sites fail or fall seriously short of goals is not due to what you want.
It’s due to what you don’t want.
I have designed 100′s… [Read more]

Real Estate Search Magnet

Your Website Should Be A Real Estate Search Magnet

Competition in any real estate market is over-whelming and breaking into that real estate market is no easy task. This is especially true for (but not limited to) new agents.
A powerful way to get established quickly is by setting yourself apart as a specialist, expert, etc. in any particular area. Using a publishing platform such as WordPress allows… [Read more]

Real Estate Mobile Devices

How does your real estate website look when viewed on a mobile device?
You need a Mobile IDX website …. now!
Can your potential buyers search for homes, register, contact you?
With the surge of mobile phones and particularly smart phones, real estate agents have yet another tool to throw into their marketing mix. This tool comes with newly added technologies, questions, and of course “tech-burnout”.
It doesn’t have to… [Read more]

WordPress Real Estate Specific Content

I preach “Target Specific Content” to agents all day long. It’s important. Give your visitors an instant gratification when they first land on your website with multiple one-click links, predefined searches. This benefits them with quick, easy to find content while giving you targeted landing pages indexed in the search engines.
Don’t just target a main category, dig deep! Why… [Read more]

Getting Real Estate Leads

LEADS!, Every agent is striving to create a lead generation funnel that will bring in quality leads and conversions to sales or listings. Real estate is a crowded market online. It’s different than most industries as a real estate agent has to compete for indexing with FSBO’s banks, IDX, local MLS (yes MLS too, they are getting indexed as well and do take up Google Real Estate space that… [Read more]

IDX on Facebook

Real Estate IDX Listings placed in your Facebook!
New Facebook IDX Client
Finally a CUSTOM solution to display real estate IDX Listings on your Facebook. IDX displays thumbnails, target areas, search functions, resuls, detsails and more right in your facebook. Guest can even register to receive Email Alerts and Save Properties.
Facebook is used by over 500 million people worldwide
Facebooks new PAGE… [Read more]

Real Estate Writing and Posting

I have seen it all too often. Real Estate agents who are so motivating and passionate about their local markets, whats happening and where, and local events. They overflow with information and can share all of this in a snap with you when face-to-face. Problem is, this falls short when it comes to putting that information into a blog post. Capturing the motivation and portraying this in writing is… [Read more]