Google and Mobile

The cat is outta the bag! April 21 Google will be implementing its MOBILE Algorithm giving those sites that are mobile/user friendly a lot more weight and consideration in Google Results.. ARE YOU READY?

Most sites are not.  Use this check sheet:

In Google’s own words: “Here are some common mistakes we see on mobile websites. Make sure your site doesn’t have any!

1. Blocked JavaScript, CSS and image files – This is very common in WordPress sites.
2. Unplayable content
3. Bad or disfunctional redirects
4. Irrelevant and poor links
5. Slow mobile pages
6. Error pages incorrectly handled

That’s it folks. You have until APRIL 21.

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Real Estate Website SEO Without Common Errors

Fixing or creating a new real estate website without errors. Key to the proper foundation of good SEO!

Do you see new agents and competitor real estate websites climbing the ranks in Google rapidly while your site just kind of bounces around? Makes no sense since your site has more pages, your experienced in blogging, posts, articles and social media tie-ins, but nothing works.

Chances are your site is full of errors and dis-qualifiers. Many older sites are carrying allot of bad baggage from old posts, images, links, bad JS, etc.that hinders your website and its ability to index. Somewhat of a punishment right?

Every Client that comes in our Que, who has a grandfathered in website, faces most of these issues. Before we even touch design updates, IDX integration, and automating social media, we attack the core problems.

If you run your own real estate website you owe it to yourself to crawl the entire website and datasource(s)for errors. There are several options if you search Google. Another option is to have us run a free SEO report and full crawl.either way, Get It Done!

IDX SEO in 2014

IDX (Internet Data Exchange) for real estate has been a roller coaster ride for most real estate agents. Features by IDX developers changing and updating constantly to keep up with the demands that both SEO and Social Media set in motion. Each IDX service has something “NEW” you want and need that yours does not yet provide. Your goals are the same as every other agent: top indexing for your IDX pages in the search giants and powerful lead generation. These demands are being met by IDX providers who design new features based on your demands.

So what do you do? First and foremost, make sure you have a top IDX service provider that offers the best in all available tools, etc. Look for benefits such as easy link and target link creation tools, lead capture and management, integration into site, etc. Then start by simplifying the benefits of your website, the IDX you provide to users.

Naturally with this comes an extreme amount of clutter with so many agents, duplicate content, and allot of posts. Separating your content out above this clutter is no easy task. And tying in IDX into the mix can help. A good example of this is: Homes 0n 30A

A good example of using good content and links to get to the first page in Google. Not to say it’s a guarantee of SEO success, but as you add content and relative links for the target area(s) you will greater enhance your customers experience, conversion rate and ultimately your Indexing.


Real Estate SEO and Social Media

Your Real Estate Website with SEO, Social Media and IDX

Every real estate agent has a website, whether a template, a page or a full blown IDX website. And with real estate being one of the most competitive careers on the planet, this simply is not enough. You will need to engage in real estate SEO and social media. Nearly 90% of real buyers start looking at real estate long before they contact an agent. If not with a string of properties they already found, they will still try and locate an agent online. Face it!

So what is the first “Key To Success” online? First and foremost is an understanding of what is available for the real estate professional to market online. This would include knowing the “How, What and Where” to use these avenues. This allows you to make an organized plan And schedule. If you do not have a plan for your online marketing which will include target pages, posts, IDX, social media, SEO, etc., you will get overwhelmed! Believe it or not, those who are extremely successful online spend more time on listing and selling real estate and making money. Versus many who are not; spending all of their time trying to manage Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and the list goes on. So, relax and plan. There are easy to use tools to help you manage all of the above and free up your time for your career.

A Tid-Bit from our Real Estate SEO Training

At the bottom of the design pyramid for a real estate website (and any website) is the design PLAN and integration PLAN of your IDX. During this planning stage, you need to map out a strategy first.

Planning the website presence for SEO:

  1. Capture attention in seconds.
  2. Analyze Popular Searches and Keyword use using tools Google and Bing provides.
  3. Offer “INSTANT TARGET”  information based on what you know users are seeking.
  4. Have informative content about the areas, schools, etc. “That Stays Updated”
  5. Create content regularly. This does not mean writing articles!
  6. Completely synced with all Social Media
  7. Automate where possible with Facebook
  8. Setup Structured DATA correctly, Google Authorship, Etc.
  9. Get people talking about you and your content.

1. Capture Attention in Seconds and deliver engaging content.

(Condensed for this article)

The most important thing to do next to being found is to plan to keep visitors on your website. Stats are full of two second visits where a user immediately clicks off the website. PLAN, PLAN PLAN! Look at each individual section of your site as its own separate unique and personalized section. Personalize this for the reader.

Plan on-page SEO from the page/post taken from the content and information for that page. So many websites (especially real estate) use pages and posts to try and promote the main domain name blasting it all over the page, injecting keywords that are website based rather than content based. Their SEO is universal for the website and not the individual page. This hinders your page from being found by prospective clients.

Using Header Tags properly for the page is not only critical for SEO, but to immediately capture your readers attention. And this should be your FOCUS. The SEO will follow. Sync you header tags <h1><h2><h3> with descriptive text that defines what the reader can expect. Wet their appetite with expectation!

What does this have to do with CAPTURING ATTENTION? It’s simple. Don’t write for SEO and write what I call “Coffee Shop” style. Make it a personal conversation as if you are explaining valuable information to a group over coffee. Start here, then look at the features and benefits of your information. Use this for <title> tags. Re-write (without being so critical you lose the personalization) if necessary.

THIS BECOMES AN INDEXED LANDING PAGE. This page or post gets indexed in Google as a landing page for your website. If I land on your page looking for something as strange as “Tree House in Backyard”  (don’t laugh, it gets searched. A little.) and you have a post that is separate from listings, jargon and “wine-label” sounding real estate text. Title is “Awesome Multilevel Tree House on Property”; you just capture my attention and I will read your post. It’s based on what I want.

NOTE: There is a “HINT” in here about a powerful SEO practice for real estate that has constant sustainability! Revealed in our SEO newsletters.

A structured plan must exist at the beginning to offer users the easiest and best possible solution for property search. Starting off with the plan based on user experience for content, SEO and social media will help catapult your rankings in all search engines.

Author: Nic Turner

From the Real Estate and Social Media Group – Training Series

Want to start the “Fire”, Purple Cows and Commodities

I have read every book by Seth Godin. His artististic approach and understanding of what is between the lines in marketing, impression, etc. is golden. Literally. As real estate professionals, you can get allot from reading his blog, here  or looking for his books.

It started with “Purple Cow” and goes on from there. His last blog post is a good start for real estate marketing  creativity.

The question:

“How do you turn something that is considered to be a commodity into a Purple Cow, when the lowest price is the only thing that seems to matter to customers?”

The answer…


Hopefully Seth will look at real estate marketing for his next book :)

IDX for Toronto (TREB), and Vancouver BC.

WordPress IDX websites for Toronto and Vancouver.

toronto idx real estate websitesWe are now offering our WordPress Websites and IDX for Toronto (TREB), and Vancouver BC. If you are a member in these areas, please contact us at We will be offering our FULL CAPACITY theme with IDX giving your users access on all devices. i.e. .

A powerful real estate website that offers you users IDX on all devices is critical to you getting found by users (buyers and sellers), gaining leads through lead capture, email signups, and more.


Expert Advice From Google

This is short, but I wanted to share this with Agents. Great for your Real Estate Pages and Posts!

Google Experiments allows you to create two posts to compare which one works better.

Using Experiments, you can try simple variations such as:

  • Font Size Changes
  • Larger Text Sizes
  • Quotes, Etc.

Which one is read, longer time on page, etc.

This works great for real estate as you test writing about property reviews, neighborhoods, etc.


Nic Turner

Real Estate Mobile Responsive WordPress

It’s old news that real estate agents need to “Mobilized” and allow clients to search, find and register for property alerts on mobile devices. The biggest issue was to decide on an Native APP and face a high design setup, a mobile web APP using a framework such as JQUERY, or make the website mobile responsive.

We have discussed the first two many times for well over a year. This is a discussion on a “Mobile Responsive Theme” for wordpress and how it can be used in a powerful way to reach users who are on mobile devices searching for real estate.

A mobile responsive website in layman’s terms, recognizes the device the user is on and responds by loading the correct CSS so that the website displays correctly. Basically transforms to fit the screen size giving the user the best possible results for smaller screens. This is accomplished through different methods such as:

  • Media Queries- Loading a different CSS stylesheet based on the size of the users device
  • The FLUID GRID – Resized and restructures the elements of the page by using percentages rather than hard units such as pixels, etc.

For More Information on our FULL CAPACITY themes, customization and setup, Email

Mobile Responsive Website for Real Estate

Mobile Responsive IDX
Mobile Responsive IDX

Our newest designs are built  “Mobile Responsive” using the Fluid Grid method. The hardest task was getting the IDX to cooperate with the Fluidity of the mobile responsive design. Images pulled in from the IDX feeds wast be a top consideration for your wordpress Real Estate website to be truly responsive. As they are usually third party setups, most are extremely limiting to the designer and do not allow access to the CSS stylesheets for mobile customization. Getting this data to display beautifully on a mobile device was necessary and we have accomplished this.

For more information on a Real Estate Mobile Responsive wordpress website, please email us at: or call 850.502.1958


Question your way to Real Estate Leads

You’ve read it everywhere. Over 90% of home buyers start their search online. So, it’s imperative that every agent and/or broker have an online strategic plan to capture these leads. And once in place, adding a few simple easy-use question forms may may just add some punch to getting users to respond.

Buyers are quite involved online today. Social media, imaging, video (you tube), and are more “online literate” than ever before. As a professional in the real estate industry, you have to offer them “more” than they expect from your online services and give viewers” a reason to “ASK A QUESTION”. More on this later. But first!

Why ask a question?

Think about this. An individual who is casually searching (or is in need now) for a home in your area stumbles on your site. You give them good information that answers a few minor questions. Consider these “tie-downs”  or “positive Affirmations”. This leads to a bit more confidence leading to the potential buyer to ASK MORE QUESTIONS! Answered questions pre-sell your services as an expert indirectly. This builds trust from the start and leads to more questions. The next step does not include: REGISTRATION!!! If you want to drive away leads at this point, this is a good start. Nope. Have an easy way for them to ask you “Personally” a question. What are the HOA fees? What is the rental income? Yada yada.

You can even lead the question. If for instance, you are selling a vacation rental. What are questions that a potential investor would ask? One simple question is “What is the annual rental income?”   Turn this into opportunity. Show rental income properties and have a simple link: “Interested in what the rental income is on this property? If the browser is truly interested in the property, what is the chance they will ask you a question compared to REGISTER TO CONTINUE!

Now comes the question! I have put together a  newsletter to keep you informed of great ideas, good ideas and things to avoid. Best of all – IT”S FREE!!!

I mentioned ‘MORE ON THIS LATER” above. My newsletter also covers the powerful uses of SOCIAL MEDIA for real estate. Proper setup, uses, gaining views and even Facebook and Google Marketing for leads. I have personally helped agents become the lead sellers in a market area and I would like to share this with you. However, as an even trade, I am only going to share with those who register.
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IDX WordPress Themes

WordPress IDX Themes for IDX Broker

WPIDX has been creating IDX WordPress  themes and integrating IDX Broker for many years.  IDX Broker has been our main source for full IDX service for our clients allowing us to target specific areas, neighborhoods, price ranges, etc., gaining top SEO for client websites.

“Our main reason for choosing IDX Broker is its powerful ability to target specific searches and display these results on the website”. Unlike several other IDX subscriptions that are limited in what you can accomplish,  IDX broker has surpassed in all areas and most certainly fulfilled the gap that real estate professionals need to target, build am extensive property search and gain leads. After all, Give the buyers what they want and they will ask questions!

WPIDX is now releasing it’s themes with built in IDX Broker Tutorials, SEO Tips and Training, WordPress Training and more; all right within WordPress Dashboard.

The themes are customized from the popular Genesis Platform. Host on our servers or yours.

Take Control Of Your IDX, Your WordPress and Your Future with IDX WordPress Themes



Author: Nic Turner