Real Estate Websites

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Real Estate Websites with FULL IDX INTEGRATION

We have three real estate website programs for you to choose from. Each offer complete integration of IDX Broker and each are built on the WordPress Platform.  Our no charge real estate websites are just as robust as our more customized solutions. The difference is in the amount of time we spend adding and creating the pages for you.

Why would we design your website for nothing? It’s simple, we are developers of real estate websites and use the BEST IDX on the market.  We have been using IDX Broker for all of our clients for years. We receive our commissions from our IDX account clients.
IDX Broker has two programs available: “Platinum LITE” and “Platinum”.  Platinum Lite is $39.99 per month and Platinum is $59.99 per month. The No-Charge Option is only available to NEW CLIENTS who sign up for IDX Broker through WPIDX.

“Both are SEO Optimized and Mobile Friendly – Month to month with No Annual Contracts.

All Plans Include:

  • A Complete Real Estate website with Advanced IDX Integration
  • Unlimited Target Pages can be created
  • Blog Setup and Social Automation
  • CUSTOMIZED Mobile Responsive Theme
  • Mobile Responsive IDX
  • Lead Capture
  • WordPress Install and Setup (Your server or ours)
  • IDX Broker Initial Fee $99 Waived
  • Initial Setup of IDX – Includes Navbar Page Set-Up, Sidebar Links, Home Page Slide Show
  • Search Tools: Basic, Quick, Map, Advanced Search, Address and Listing ID Number Search
  • Social Media Set-up on Automation Twitter API, Facebook RSS
  • Targeted Google Maps by Areas
  • SEO IDX Pages for target areas(10 areas included)*
  • Neighborhood Pages and/or Subdivision (included in 10 area pages)*
  • Areas and Subdivisions (included in 10 area pages)*
    *NOTE: We start out creating 10 target pages and show you how so you can easily create as many pages as you want!
  • Plugins installed and set up
  • Full Real Estate Blog
  • Training on WordPress, IDX Dashboard (2 full hours of personal training)
  • All of Above PLUS
  • Total 90 Targret Areas starting*
  • Subdivision/Community Incuded in 90
  • Neighborhood Pages Included in 90
    *NOTE: We start out creating 90 target pages and show you how so you can easily create as many pages as you want!
Add PLUS PACK for a one-time fee of $550

Give us a call for complete details and to get started with your real estate website today. 850.502.1958

Email us any time to get started or with questions.

Note: IDX Broker is $39.99/mo for Platinum LITE and $59.99/mo for Platinum. Some MLS have a PASS THROUGH FEE. This FEE will be added on to the monthly above. To verify if your MLS does have any additional fees, please call us. PowerSites are designed in order received. Design prices above are for a limited time and can change without notice. By signing up for any service through WPIDX you agree to the Terms of Service for Website Design Services, IDX Services, FACEBOOK app, FREE Hosting and other provided services in General by WPIDX, LLC.


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